Real Estate Finance Instructor
Title:Real Estate Finance Instructor
Department:Business, Management & Legal Programs
The Department of Business, Management, and Legal Programs is currently hiring instructors to teach the follow course:
Mgmt. X 475.3 Real Estate Finance
This course surveys the concepts, methods, and techniques of financing residential and non-residential real estate while also identifying and analyzing the various instruments used for such purposes. Instruction covers sources, characteristics, and parameters of mortgage capital; fixed, variable rate, and other alternative types of mortgages; government-assisted financing (such as VA, FHA, and SBA); the secondary mortgage market; mathematical analysis of finance transactions (amortization, loan constants, present and future value, compound interest, APR, capitalization rates, debt coverage, and other financial ratios and ways of determining yield); loan underwriting, processing, closing, and servicing; foreclosures and alternatives thereto (such as short sales) and related anti-deficiency law issues; guaranties; construction, bridge, permanent, wraparound, mezzanine, and leasehold financing; impact of how title is held and real estate tax effects; comparison of investment choices, both before and after taxes are factored in; plus syndication and other equity sharing issues. Case studies for financing proposals for single-family, multifamily, and commercial transactions are featured.
• Develop and/or update course syllabus in consultation with the UCLA Extension Program Director as assigned using approved syllabus template
• Prepare and deliver course materials and learning assessments in assigned format (in-person, online or hybrid)
• Utilize the Canvas Learning Management System as the course support platform for in-person courses and as the delivery platform for online and hybrid courses
• Communicate teaching objectives and specific learning outcomes to students and clearly outline the grading policies for the course
• Evaluate student achievement of specific learning outcomes and assign grades
• Post final student grades to the transcript system in a timely manner no later than 2 weeks after the last date of course meeting
• Respond to student questions and learning needs in a timely manner
• Communicate with Program Director, Program Representatives and Online Course Managers in a timely manner
• Stay current regarding the professional body of knowledge in the field of practice
• Participate in required orientations and instructor training programs
• Complete required administrative tasks in a timely manner including: completing all hiring paperwork; submitting updated quarterly syllabus; posting bio and photo on the UCLA Extension website; signing quarterly contract; ordering required texts; communicating AV and classroom needs.
• Employ culturally competent teaching methodologies in the classroom inclusive of both domestic and international student populations
• Respond to student inquiries about final grades and consult with Program Director as needed
• Allow students to review their final exams/papers for up to 13 months following the last class session
• Use subject-matter expertise to impart knowledge to students and leverage additional resources appropriately to enhance the curriculum (i.e. make arrangements for guest speakers, etc.)
• Design interactive and motivational classroom activities to fully engage participants and to reinforce student learning
• Update materials periodically, and regularly monitor course evaluations in order to make adjustments and improvements to the curriculum
Instructors are hired on a quarterly contract basis.
Because Extension is a division within UCLA, all Extension Program instructors and courses must be formally approved according to the regulations of the Academic Senate of the University of California. Eligibility to teach a course is contingent upon this formal academic approval. Once approved, teaching assignments are “by agreement.” The Instructor’s Contract outlines the deliverables for the course, the course schedule, and the compensation terms, subject to Extension policies and procedures. UCLA Extension makes no commitment to hire an instructor until it has sent and received a signed Instructor Contract. Should the course section an instructor plans to teach be canceled for any reason, the Instructor Contract, including rights to compensation for future section meetings, is voided. Remuneration is for classroom hours only and does not include time spent for course preparation or other events.
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